Vegetation volume measurement in mining activities

Drones are able to measure the amount of existing vegetation

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explotation area

Vegetation layer measurement

Vegetation layer measurement

The benefits of using drones in mining applications has been proved during last years. Tasks as earth works and mining activities productivity can be easily monitoried and assessed. 

In addition to that, Hovering Solutions has developed a UAV system to go further. Thanks to the integration and computation of data provided by on-board inertial units, laser sensors and high resolution images, the developed system is able to measure the vegetation volume existing in a target area by measuring the height difference between the treetops and the real ground altitude. 
The system solves common problems usually existing in traditional survey investigations, where only treetop level is detected (not the real ground level) by using satellite or high altitude plane data.
The system has been successfully tested in one of the mine exploitations belonging to Grupo Hunosa.

Main system applications

Main system applications


  • Outdoor mining and civil construction activities
  • Vegetation assets inventory
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Land reclamation valuation, monitoring and reporting
  • Earth and vegetation volume calculation

vegetation layer absolute
Vegetation layer
explotation area


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